We from Medical Imaging Service believe that everyone has a calling and ours is precisely what we do.

   The products we offer are well evaluated in terms of quality, reliability, medical capabilities and last but not least, price. We offer diagnostic imaging equipment made by worldwide established manufacturers, always from their best-proven lines. The criteria have been strictly defined – maximum quality and durability at optimal price. Every piece of equipment we deliver is accompanied by a CE-certificate and we always provide written guarantee for the installations and repairs we perform. We choose to invest in maintaining a range of available spare parts thus saving you the inconvenience of interrupting your work process due to time required for delivery of the necessary parts.

   We strive to offer integral solutions such as equipment delivery, installation, servicing and diagnostics, as well as making of technological and radiation protection plans for the X-ray rooms and facilities. Whether you are and independent radiologist, a hospital or a medical center, when working with us you will be provided with stability, constant work-flow, service efficiency, as well as cost reduction. Partnership with our company will save you time and inconveniences.

   You can count on our professional opinion. We will get to know your requirements in detail and then offer the solution that is most adequate for you. We do not aim to sell you a piece of equipment or a service “at all cost”. We prefer to be your correct partner.

   Our team has long-term experience in this specific field – X-ray and magnetic resonance (MRI) diagnostic imaging. We count on our education and the many training courses abroad we have taken, as well as on our extensive experience.

   Our excellent engineers, the range of available spare parts, as well as the implementation of the most up-to-date systems for online support provide for reducing the time for repairs, thus making the process of diagnosing your patients more effective as a whole.

With respect,

the Medical Imaging Service team