Ultrasound System P25, SonoScape


Ultrasound System P25, SonoScape

21.5″ LED Color Monitor

13.3″ High Resolution Touch Screen

Five Transducer Ports

WiFi Module



Abdomen, Vascular, Cardiology, OB/Gynecology, Urology, Musculoskeletal, Interventional ultrasound, Small parts, Anesthesiology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Cephalic

Imaging Modes:

B, THI/PHI, M mode, Anatomical M, Color M, CFM, PDI/DPDI, PW, CW, TDI, TDI+PW, TDI+M, 3D/4D

Function and Configuration:

μ-scan, Compound imaging, LGC, Tissue characteristic index, Image rotation function, Trapezoid, HPRF, Dual Live, Simult mode, Auto trace, Auto IMT, Auto NT, Auto EF, Color M, Anatomic M, TDI, Scr-Zoom, 2D Panoramic, Color Panoramic, Biopsy guide, Freehand 3D, Multi-Slice, S-Guide, Tei index, DICOM, Wifi, ECG,  Built-in Battery, Built-in DVD, Fifth active probe port, Vis-Needle, 3D/4D, Auto Face, S-Live, S-Live Silhouette, S-Depth, AVC Follicle, C-xlasto, Contrast imaging with TIC, Stress echo.

Different types of transducers, depending on the needs of the specialists.



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